I know at least one blogger enjoys posting haiku. Maybe some of you others want to join in. This is from Anne Akiko Meyers Facebook page:

Post your haiku on my facebook page wall by Friday, July 30th, and I will choose a winner to have their submitted haiku printed in the booklet accompanying my new recording. The winner will also receive 5 copies of the “Seasons… dreams” to distribute to friends and family. By posting your haiku on my wall, you are agreeing to allow us to print your haiku in the CD booklet free of charge.


I might have been misunderstood here … the contest is not being put on by me; you have to send your haiku to Anne Akiko Meyers. (But I do love to read them so feel free to share them here as well!)


  1. Baby footprints in
    the sand…Echoes of laughter
    Sweeten the salt air.

  2. Of course the contest isn’t at this blog, but thanks for offering this up! 🙂

  3. Thanks, Susan. I actually do have the link above, but I’m guessing it wasn’t terribly clear for people.