I recently read a comment on Facebook that made it very clear the person couldn’t stand the conductor she was working with. It’s not surprising that a musician doesn’t like a conductor. That’s pretty common! It’s not unusual for someone to talk about it either. That’s not exactly wise, but if someone tattles on the person it’s all hearsay and one can always deny things. But writing about it?! Talk about a bad idea! Yes, we have only friends reading and commenting on our walls, but one has to take the word friend with a grain of salt. I haven’t met every single one of my friends. I’m guessing most people on Facebook haven’t. Some have so many friends I’m sure it’s quite the ego booster, but I do wonder about the reality of it all. But these friends … well … what if you have a bad break up with one of them? So this is your friendly reminder (are you now sick of the word friends?) … don’t post things on Facebook that could come back to haunt you!

It’s not just bashing conductors or colleagues, either. One might want to watch one’s words! Now when it comes to this I know I’m older and even more uptight than so many of my friends (AND bosses!) … I know I’m not “hip” … I know I have more issues with “language” than many many others. So perhaps the quote I’m posting won’t matter to many of you. But thanks to a Facebook friend (yes, really!) I read the following, and I do think it’s a worthwhile thing to ponder:

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what you say on social media goes all over the world instantly and stays there. I have often been in a situation where I had to pick one candidate out of two or three, and no matter how innocently meant it was, when I see the use of profanity, the thumb goes down on that choice instantly. When I hire somebody, I’m somewhat responsible for their overall demeanor and performance, and if they don’t have the good sense to not use profanity in a public forum, I can’t risk hiring them.

I read it here. You might want to read the whole thing.


  1. well patricia i am glad you enjoyed my blog post, it sure got a lot of hits today!

    i suppose this comment is an illustration of the point at hand– when anyone visits my blog i can see what page referred them, so i saw your site mentioned as a channel for several blog visits and was curious. we sure live in glass houses these days.

    also while i have you on the e-horn, just curious if you were aware of peter VS the wolf? i have never sent a flyer to orchestra san jose! best, justin locke

  2. It’s WELL worth a read, Justin. I hope you are okay with my quoting you … I suppose I should have asked you first; I do apologize! (A friend, Cameron Kopf, pointed me in your direction.)

    I don’t swear, so the language issue isn’t a problem for me. But we need to be reminded — it seems constantly — that anything we write on our blogs and Facebook and anywhere else in InternetLand™ is now out there for the world to read. I tell people it’s a Billboard to the World.

  3. no such thing as bad publicity 🙂 – jl

  4. Well, except when it gets you fired. Or not hired. Or something like that. 😉