When someone comments for the first time here I have to approve the comment. Sometimes I first send an email to the commenter, because I suspect the comment is actually spam. Sometimes I can see it’s clearly legit. Other times I just don’t know, but when I don’t know it’s most frequently spam. This one below was received a few days ago. I never heard back from the commenter, so I am guessing it was spam. But it did make me laugh. Dan suggests that the “obsessive” part is correct for sure … not certain about the “perfectionists” thing.

This is a serious question, more concerned – is it typical of of oboe players to be obsessive perfectionists? This is not a joke,. Thanks.


  1. Hey, Patty –

    Tell them that in music performance (like brain surgery and jet aircraft flying) it’s either right or it’s wrong. That’s not being obessive, just realisttttt!

    – Bob

  2. My students have heard me say, “Close enough isn’t.” 😎