Tom Service writes about a concert that featured the iPad in an encore. The pianist is reading the music from the machine. I’m okay with that, but I do think that perhaps the soloist just wanted to use it for fun. It hardly seems as if he wouldn’t know that piece already!

That being said, of course people have already been using some sort of computer devices for reading music. The iPad is new, but using some sort of gizmo (yeah, I just used “gizmo” … I kind of wanted to, okay?) for reading music isn’t. Hugh Sung has been blogging about this for a long time now (Hmmm. The blog I used to visit is awfully out of date. I’ll have to look for another!). I seem to recall some jazz singer uses some sort of tablet for his entire band.

Me? I still love sheet music. Mostly because it doesn’t crash.

The pianist playing his encore:

Hugh Sung talks about what he uses:

Of course nothing beats this:


  1. Hi Patty! I’ve been busy blogging for my new company, AirTurn, which makes wireless page turning pedal systems for musicians using computers to read music. We’ve just announced the development of a wireless Bluetooth page turning pedal for the iPad, coming out Q4 2010. You can read all about it here:

    Take care!

  2. Someone in the direction of an orchestra I play at made software for those things… I played using that once, on a laptop that lets you flip the screen around and make it a sort of ipad. It’s really weird, but also usefull for music in which you don’t really have time to turn pages. The piece I played was with a choir, and we only had the music for all singers in it too, so we had to turn way too often.

  3. I see benefits with the iPad or another sort of device. I’d like to give one a try at some point! At the same time, I do love my hard copies!