27. July 2010 · Comments Off on Any New Yorkers Out There? · Categories: Ramble

Our older son, Brandon, is in New York, and is looking for work. If you like me, you’d love him. If you don’t like me, you’d still love him. Seriously.

Here’s what he says:

I’m submitting my resume & contacting some temp agencies BUT am definitely looking for any and all work right now and all leads are welcome. My degree is in Graphic Design so I know all my Adobe software inside & out. I’m also killer at the MS Office Suite and I’m a killer office worker (seriously, everyone loves me at this). I have also been known to work in record stores and on film sets. My resume as it stands is posted here.

References available upon request, natch.

If you can be of assistance I’d be forever grateful. Or at least I’d be grateful as long as I’m alive. After that I can’t make any promises.