Just sharing some of the comments I’ve received recently that were clearly spam. They never appear in the comments section (I have to approve comments unless they are from a previous poster), but I occasionally go through the huge file of comments that WordPress thinks are spam. (I do sometimes come across a legit comment, which is why I attempt to go through all comments when possible. Today, though, I was at over 300 spam comments so I didn’t check each one. So sorry if I trashed yours by mistake! Please let me know if something you wrote is missing!):

  • i love the smell of fresh air in the morning. it is so rejuvenation.-.*
  • Eating, loving, singing and digesting are, in actuality, the four acts of the mirthful opera known as the freshness, and they pass like bubbles of a grit of champagne. Whoever lets them break without having enjoyed them is a entire fool.
  • I didn’t quite get the point this to begin with. But when I checked it out a fourth time, it all became clear. Thanks for the thought. Absolutely something to spend some time on. (this one is funny because the link looks to go to a freelance proofreader site)
  • my favorite game is Armored Core 4 ,I would like some suggestions for similar games thanks. I have a X360 box.
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  • now, i am suffering from bad indigestion and sometimes it is painful too.”.’
  • Great! But I my own views myself. But I definitely support your right to think what you want.
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  1. Not to mention all the free viagra!

  2. Exactly. I won’t mention that.