29. July 2010 · 2 comments · Categories: Ballet

I just ran across this video (it’s about an hour long … this isn’t YouTube!). I hadn’t heard of it before. What fun to see familiar names and now see faces that go with them.

I’m not sure when this was made, but I believe it was put up just a few days ago.

(You’ll see my boss, Andrew Bales, from Symphony Silicon Valley, a little over 49 minutes in.)

All of this is news to me; I had no idea how the ballet wound up here. I just had heard that at some point Cleveland Ballet came to San Jose, and I understood they called themselves “San Jose Cleveland Ballet” when they were here, and “Cleveland Ballet” when they were there. That was about all I knew. And I knew I had work in December for as long as they were (are!) here.

I’m still waiting to hear what this coming season will bring for .


  1. I’ve been meaning to go see them, but have had the worst luck with my schedule and trying to fit in a performance. Their repertoire is a refreshing mix of mostly modern classics, as well as new choreography. Thanks for posting – I didn’t know about the Cleveland connection or how it got started here.

  2. I’ve gone to a few performances when I’ve not played. I’ve enjoyed them, although I confess I’m not as much a dance buff as I am opera and symphony. 🙂