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… always a mother!

I just read this online:

My son,aged 32 is a professional oboist in a major orchestra. Last Tuesday he had 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed. The feeling in his tongue and lips has returned but there is residual numbness in his lower jaw, where some but not all of the feeling has returned. How likely is it that this damage is permanent and if it should be so, how likely is this to affect his chances of continuing to play as a professional musician?

It made me smile. Because I just might do the same thing (although I probably wouldn’t have gotten quite so specific). We mothers cannot avoid this sort of thing. Or at least I can’t. I suppose I shouldn’t speak for all mothers, eh?

Those of you who began reading this blog from the start know that I had a bit of an issue with a numb tongue due to a dental visit (it happened on November 19, 1996, to be precise) … and that numb tongue lasted for four months! It was a wee bit frightening for a wind musician.

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