10. August 2010 · 2 comments · Categories: Ballet

It appears that Ballet San Jose has announced their season, in case anyone is interested. Stay tuned to find out if they will be using live music or not. I know times are tough, and it might be that they can’t hire an orchestra; I don’t see any mention of live music at their site. Time will tell. Or I will tell. Or something.

I wish them all the best … these are rotten times for the arts.

And these are rotten times for all. Which is why, I suppose, I read something else that says Ballet San Jose will allow subscribers to delay payments.


  1. Ooh, that’s a great season. It’s hard to imagine Giselle and Swan Lake without live music though. Thanks for posting!

  2. Yep, can’t imagine those without live music, Jolene! We’ll see what happens. I’d be annoyed with them, but right now I can only hope they continue, so if it means no live music, so be it. (Having suffered the death of a symphony, I really don’t want to suffer another death of an arts organization, as you might imagine!)