Sometimes I am so ready to drop the whole music thing. I know everyone goes through this and, at my age, I just wade through those times, knowing I’ll get to the other shore and get back to loving what I do. For the most part, this “I want to dump this!” thing comes from the reed issues. Other times it’s because I embarrass myself and I hate doing that. (Although blogging actually sets me up for even more embarrassment, eh?)

But what if it was completely taken away, not by choice, but by some calamity? I remember when I had a very brief relapse of my vertigo and had to cancel out of a rehearsal. I went to bed. Crying.

So now for the story about a young oboe player. Some years ago I ran across a video of him playing. he was in high school at the time. I was quite impressed, and left him a message. We communicated just a bit; he was accepted into a music school, and I thought, “This guy really is going to go far!” But then I lost track of him, until recently. I suddenly came across [sorry, he’s asked me to remove this!] at YouTube. And he wasn’t playing oboe; he was singing. It turned out he had had some sort of issue that made playing impossible. Here’s the video where he explains that, and then you get to hear him play. Incredible music making, and he was only in high school!

[removed at musician’s request]

So as you [no longer can] hear, he was pursuing a Broadway dream. I’m sure he’ll continue to do that … but recently things have changed. A doctor is trying to help him. And he bought an oboe. So I welcome [name removed] back to the oboe world, and just have a look and listen. Here he is, playing oboe for the first time in 3 years!:

[removed at musician’s request]

You can bet I’ll be following his progress!


  1. Amazing sound after being off for 3 yrs. He definitely has the right concept of sound in his ear to pick it up again and play like that. Nice to see a true love for the instrument.

  2. Yep … I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t sound that good if I took 3 years off!

  3. I’m most impressed at how much his love of oboe is evident! So good to hear someone talking like that without a hint of being jaded. And that’s a great sound for 3 years off – wow.