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Monday was a much more lazy day than we’ve had so far. At least for me. I actually woke up before Dan, and I took a photo of the Monday morning crowd:

Dan woke up with a cold (rats!), but he still headed over to B&H Photo for his own special private tour of the place. From the sound of it it was one big tour, too. He took quite a while to get back, so I had some time to be lazy and then headed out for a short walk. I’ve been posting “where’s Patty?” kinds of things at Facebook and Twitter, and the first looked like this:

Where’s Patty?

I helped folks out with this hint, though (remember if you can’t see a photo well, you can click on it and it will take you to a full view):

My back was killing me, so rather than actually shop at Macy’s (heck, we have those at home, right?) I headed back to the hotel to put my feet up:

When Dan returned we went down to a little place to pick up a light lunch (we really NEED light after all we’ve been eating!). After relaxing a bit, we headed out, passing this pretty church, Saint Francis of Assisi. It sits there so sweetly, surrounded by huge buildings:

We took a rather lengthy trip (long story about a wrong train) to Greenwich Village, and we hit Washington Square, of course:

Walking around a lot, we saw the house that, from what I read, was where John Wilkes Booth planned the assassination of Lincoln.

Walking some more we spotted a cool church with this plaque at the top (you have to click on this photo to read it):

We met up with Brandon for some excellent Cuban food at Havana Alma de Cuba … yum!

All in all, a less busy day. I guess we need those every so often, right?

Tuesday (today for some readers, tomorrow for others!) I’m thinking we might get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and tomorrow night is the first Così event which not only means I get to enjoy Mozart, but I finally get to see my brother Timothy, and meet some of the Twitterfolk and Facebook Friends I’ve never actually met in person!

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