17. August 2010 · 3 comments · Categories: Ramble

I’m just home from night #1 of operamission’s event, ‘Così fan tutte: Some Assembly Required’. I really had a great time … no pressure, nice people to play with, and great singers, too! Dan was there taking lots of pictures, so I’m sure we’ll eventually get some up here.

What fun it was, too, to meet some people I’ve been reading for a while, either via Twitter or blogs (or both!).

I realized, after we went through the numbers we would play tonight, that we oboes barely played at all. Geesh. I’m guessing the audience now thinks we are just the laziest people of all!

Another great thing about tonight was that my brother, Timothy Emerson, played first bassoon for the evening. I doubt we’ve played together for … gee … maybe nearly 30 years! So this was great fun, and we do it again tomorrow. HE has a lot more to play. That’s as it should be, don’t you think? I mean … I think my brothers should always have to work harder than I do. Somehow that feels right!

The rest of the day was spent at the Met. Here are a few pictures to share with you. I’ll let them speak for themselves for now:

Here is the “event”, red room and all:


  1. Glad you had fun!! And yes, brothers should work harder!!

  2. Tim shaves his head now? And what’s he doing sitting in the 2nd bassoon chair when his bassoon is sitting in the 1st bassoon chair? 😉

  3. aha – never mind, I clicked on the photo and saw all of it!