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While we were in New York we checked out the instruments at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. What an amazing collection! Here are just a few pictures of the western instrument double reed area. (Nothing has been worked on yet, so these are crooked, not-so-great pictures. Dan will, I know, have much better ones eventually, and I do plan on working on these someday. Maybe.)

Click on the photo to enlarge:

This last one … well … I thought the answer to, “What are you playing?!” would be, “Watering can.” (Okay, maybe only I find that funny. Figures.)

… but what is it really?! Here you go:

Mouth Organ, Peter Peckmann, Vienna, ca. 1835
Wood, leather, brass, copper. This instrument, known o…nly by this one example, has the shape of a Baroque-period racket. It speaks with draw and blow, has two-by-five finger buttons and is tuned like a harmonica in D. The arrangement of the buttons, however, allows one to play chords, making the instrument well suited for accompaniment. Another innovation was a large resonance chamber in the form of the hollow wooden cylinder underneath the reeds at the upper end of the instrument. The sound of the instrument has a special tenderness. Peckmann is also known as the maker of music boxes.

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