06. September 2010 · Comments Off on Così fan tutte: Some Assembly Required · Categories: Baseball, Opera, Photos, Some Assembly Required

Dan has posted a series of pictures from Così that are mighty nice. Check ’em out. He’ll have more later, I think.

I hope the event becomes an annual sort of thing. I hope I’m invited back, too. It was such fun.

Of course not everyone thinks it’s a good idea. A friend and colleague (who also says my blog is self-indulgent) thought it was an awful thing … the tweeting, the casualness … ah well. Can’t win ’em all, eh? I guess I won’t be seeing him at the AT&T ballpark* then, for the Opera in the Ballpark event. I’ll sure be there. I’m already dreaming of those garlic fries.

*I have yet to get to a game this year! Might this be the only day I manage to get to the park this year? Will I not see “my” Giants? That would be weird.

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