The Arizona Opera Orchestra has a website that includes a blog*. Currently it features What Are Opera Rehearsals For?. Some who don’t know the process might enjoy it.

We do something similar to what they do, but not quite. For one thing, we rehearse the entire time in the pit. I would love to rehearse in the opera rehearsal hall (aside from the discomfort due to the poor lighting there) so we could see and hear the singers better during the sitzprobe, but we no longer get to do that. Too bad; I think we’d feel more connected to them if we did that first. We don’t have any double service days at all. We also only have one “orchestra only” rehearsal unless we are doing something new (like right now; with Anna Karenina we were given a whopping two orchestra only rehearsals). This is too bad, since it means we really have very little or no time to actually work on anything. We mostly just have to run the piece. If we have mistakes in our parts (yes we still find them even if we’ve performed a work before), or if new cuts have been made (or opened up) and there are problems it’s just too bad. We have to figure that stuff out on our own time. Ah well. (Whine whine whine!)

But if you read the Arizona blog you’ll get a bit of an idea how the orchestra works.

Singers? They start doing their stuff LONG before we enter into the picture. I am in awe of all they do, and the time they must spend to put it all together.

*Gee, it would be fun to have an OSJ Orchestra blog. Or a Symphony Silicon Valley blog. Hmmm …


  1. Just so you know, there IS now a Symphony Silicon Valley blog. It is an extension of our new email news–sign up here:

    The blog can be found here:

    We also have an official YouTube channel (that will have more items in it late this fall):

    And our own Picasa photo gallery:

    Facebook coming soon, too. Want to write some guest blogs for us? 😉


  2. What a nice surprise! Since Andrew had asked me to do this a few years back and then it never happened I had no idea someone else had set it up. Thanks, Randy! When I’m done teaching I’ll check it out. 🙂

  3. Ah … went to sign up … I suspect I already get what you are telling me about, right? I don’t see an actual blog page …? (And so you can “un-sign” me up if you’d like.)