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So … you might wonder how was the opera?! And here’s what I have to say (please note I don’t really do reviews):

I love love love the new oboist, Mingjia Liu. What a fabulous sound, and he was incredibly musical. So hoorah for the new oboe. I thought the entire orchestra sounded great. (But I must confess I really adore the SF Opera orchestra!)

For me the star of the singers was Amneris. I thought Amonasro, Ramfis and the King of Eygypt sounded great. To my ear both Aida and Radames sounded a bit weary or weak or both. But maybe that’s just me. It sounded as if Radames struggled to reach notes, and at the end I thought he might even be losing his voice, or perhaps was scared of cracking a high note. Do keep in mind, though, that I’m not a vocalist and know very little about voice.

Visually the opera was, not surprisingly, very colorful and quite fanciful. The sets looked sort of like “Dr. Seuss goes Egyptian” (I can even hear in my head as I type, “basement dungeon … everybody out …” from The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. hah!).

Prior to the opera Dan and I were talking about the “will there be an elephant on stage?” thing and I said, “I’m guessing some sort of puppet, like Lion King (Julia Taymor) type thing.” I think I should get a prize for guessing correctly! (If you want to see pictures of the opera go to this page and click on the photo gallery. The blue elephant is there somewhere!

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