Sooo … opening weekend has taken place. I am really enjoying Anna Karenina, and it appears that a good number of audience members do as well. Who knows what reviewers think, but I’ll probably ignore those. At least for now. It’s just safer sometimes, and I fear a bad review may just hit me too hard.

During intermission of opening night a friend came up and mentioned that there sure was a lot of oboe. (She was also quite complimentary, which is always nice!) How funny that I wasn’t really thinking about how much oboe there was, though. I have one rather lengthy solo bit near the beginning, and once the first note of that comes out (I’d been having reed issues during rehearsals that started to make me worry) I’m just fine. There are some crazy difficult parts for everyone, and we are all working incredibly hard and getting through it all! I think the singers for both casts sound wonderful.

I went to a tech rehearsal (I think I might have mentioned that in another blog entry …?) and took pictures, but sadly I only brought my iPhone and it isn’t great quality and can’t zoom in at all. I’ll post a few, but you really get very little idea of the production from these.

Yours truly in the pit on opening night (thanks Dan!), along with some other orchestra members:

And the party … dear friends!:

And VERY dear Irene Dalis!:


  1. You went to the party!! Congrats!

  2. Yep!

    Funny … the orchestra was forwarded the email that began “Once again, we will be having a party immediately following the performance …”. Since we aren’t usually invited a colleague asked, “What did they mean, “Once again”?” 🙂 (I’ll have you know I defended the fact that I knew about the parties because I have friends in the chorus; I said, “They deserve anything they can get!”)

    But yeah, I went. My husband and Jameson were with me so we three attended. I was allowed one guest but was given two comps to the performance … couldn’t very well leave one outside, right? Another pit pal said she wasn’t going to one of us could use her spot. It was nice to chat with Irene for a short time. I’ll be forever grateful to that woman for putting this company together!

  3. On behalf of the chorus, I say thank you. 🙂

  4. Hey, the opera chorus has a fan in me! 🙂 (Just wish we’d see you there at some point again ….)