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This past Friday Dan and I attended the San Francisco Opera in the Ballpark simulcast event. The opera was Verdi’s Aida, which we’d already experienced on opening night, but heck, it was free, and it was quite the event. Little did we know just how many people attend opera when it’s free and at AT&T ballpark! Wow. The lines to get in were so long I was ready to turn around and head home, but Dan looked around and found an entrance for those of us who had registered ahead of time had had printed vouchers, and we got right in. We also managed to find a way to get on to the field, despite one person who worked at the park who told us to head upstairs and keep going until we get to the top and then parachute down. Funny man … except I don’t believe he was trying to be funny, but merely unhelpful.

After setting up our blanket we had some time to wait, so Dan headed off to get food and drinks, and I spent time tweeting. Yep. At the opera! I was far from the only one; the tweets were coming from all over the ballpark.

It was so much fun to see things on such a big screen, although I still say the best way to see a video of an opera is with the camera backed off, showing the entire stage, letting us decide what we want to see. Sometimes the camera crew shows us only one singer when I want to see more! The picture was great, though, and the sound mighty nice as well. I could swear they changed on bit of staging, but maybe I just didn’t see things correctly … on opening night I thought the on stage trumpets filed on in two groups of three and were standing there before they played. This time it seems they were already set up and a screen (or something; I can’t quite recall) lifted and there they were. Hmm. I wonder …? I especially enjoyed hearing MingJia Liu play the wonderful principal oboe part again. I even took a bit of video with my iPhone on that part, but I hesitate posting it in case it’s illegal to do so.

The bows were great fun … they all came out with something from the Giants … either wearing a T-shirt, carrying a banner or Giants foam finger or, in the case of the Maestro, wearing a Giants scarf. Fun!

Bravi tutti to all involved!

Aida isn’t my favorite opera, but I think it was perfect for a spectacle at the ballpark! The sets and costumes really look wonderful on the big screen!

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