I’ve been in a funk lately. It happens. I’m used to it at this point. Sometimes I opt to work myself out of it, but sometimes I opt instead to wallow for a while. If I’m feeling low, why not feel it deeply, eh? So when I read about the saddest music in the world I knew it was for me.

There are six works provided there. If number 6 doesn’t hit you in the gut — of course the knowing about the death of the singer adds to the pain — I can’t like you any more. Sorry.


  1. #6 hits me in the gut before I even hit play…

  2. The untold story here is that there is a special relationship between Patty, myself and others to this particular piece. Lorraine Hunt had played with us for many years as a violist in the San Jose Symphony. She then went out into the real world, pursued her first love, singing, and became on of the most sought after contraltos in the business. She recorded a wide variety of music, from Bach to contemporary works, sang at the Met and seemed to have it all.

    To see a friend make it so big and then to be cut off at the peak of her career has a special poignancy, beyond even the Neruda Songs, from which #6 is taken.

    Thought I’d expand on your comments, Patty. I had purchased most of her recordings, including the Neruda Songs, before I heard of her death, and as I listened to them I marveled that the unassuming Lorrie Hunt from San Jose was was now the queen of her world. When I learned of her fate THAT was a punch in the gut for sure.


    Add the Tschaikovsky 6th to your list. At least the last mov’t…

  3. Thanks for this, Bob. I didn’t realize you hadn’t heard of her illness until later. Punch in the gut, to be sure.

    Such a loss ….