Dr. Victoria Elmer is a surgeon at Regions Hospital. She uses classical music while performing surgeries – partly to keep her patient calm and soothed, but also to help her staff stay focused.

Dr. Elmer tells me that having classical music playing in the OR is like having an old friend – a security blanket – available during difficult and potentially stressful times.

“We never know when a surgery will turn from routine to chaos.”


Let’s see … what music should a surgeon choose? I’m guessing Rite of Spring isn’t the first choice. Hmmm. “March to the Scaffold” from Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique? Maybe we should start a list of music to avoid, eh?

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  1. I suppose there must be individual classical compositions that are “soothing” — can’t think of one, though. But to imagine classical music, in general, to be soothing (or. equally clueless, “relaxing” is to just not get it!