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A lecture recital by the Carpe Diem Quartet at the University of Leeds is in jeopardy after the ensemble’s cellist, Kristin Ostling, was denied entry into the UK.

The Quartet landed at Heathrow Terminal 3, and while the other members of the group passed through immigration unhindered, Ms Ostling, who is a US citizen, was detained. The event at Leeds was to be an unpaid appearance, but the immigration officials apparently considered any musical performance to be work, therefore requiring a specific visa. She reports being bullied and rudely questioned for eight hours before being put on a plane back to Chicago.

During the incident, and apparently under some duress, she signed a statement claiming that her airfare had been paid by the University of Leeds, which is untrue. After arriving back in Chicago, she immediately went to the UK Consulate, but was told that they were unable to help because she did not need a visa to enter the UK.

Although the full details of the affair have yet to emerge, there is some speculation that this decision is part of a wider tit-for-tat dispute between immigration officials in the UK and the US.

I read it here.

You can see “EVENT CANCELLED” on the university calendar page, with no explanation given.

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