Hi, How are you doing today?I want a private lessons for my son(Paul) at your location. Paul is 14 year old boy and is ready to learn. Please I want to know your policy with regard to the fees, cancellations, and make-up lessons.Also,get back to me with the total fees for six month lessons(one-hour lesson in a week) starting from December 3rd. In addition,I want to know the lessons location and your phone number.Looking forward to hearing from you.

My best regards,



Some Easy Clues (along with so many more!):

  • instrument isn’t specified
  • “your location”

I don’t bother replying. Ever. I continue to post these here, though, because I know some people have fallen for this scam.

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Oboes Rock! Wish I could play the Oboe!

“Lots of waiting around, and then 20 seconds of terror” — that’s what it feels like to be one of the principal musicians in an orchestra. You’re playing along with your teammates for long swaths of time, and then suddenly, you’re exposed, called upon to stand out as a soloist and play a few bars all on your own.

But try being an English horn player … you don’t even get to play “along with your teammates for long swaths of time” … you sit and wait and wait and wait and then … WHAM!!! … SOLO!


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There really isn’t enough oboe in pop music these days!