18. December 2010 · Comments Off on Intentions · Categories: Read Online

I read this a lot on YouTube: I don’t own this. No copyright infringement intended.

It makes me laugh.

Now, that being said, I put things up here I find on YouTube, and it’s possible that what I’m putting up is breaking copyright. But if I see the “No copyright infringement intended” note I don’t put ’em up.

Am I ridiculous. Oh sure. But you already knew that, right? I try to be put things here that I think are posted on YouTube in a legal way. I’ve noticed YouTube “catches” a lot of them that aren’t placed that way … but I’m sure they don’t catch ’em all. As our world has changed, I’m sure some copyright law issues will change as well. I hope so. (Heck, I still can’t get copies of my own playing in symphony or opera. I can’t tell you how frustrating that is! I don’t need the whole performance; I merely want to get snippets now and then to either post here or to at least have in my possession.)

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