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Well … I guess I sort of do that here, yes?

There’s no other show on WDAV-FM quite like this. Sure, it’s all classical music – liberally defined. Beyond that, it defies definition. Except for this:
“This is the music that floats my boat,” the host tells his listeners. “I hope you’ll like it, too.”
In one night, the music can range from J.S. Bach to Andrew Lloyd Webber and from the orchestral blockbuster “The Planets” to Renaissance choral music. The host, getting to the heart of the matter, usually devotes a chunk of his show to slow, lyrical music – because, he tells Radioland, it demonstrates “the earth-stopping beauty of classical music.”

Trombonist Thomas Burge spends his Sunday nights hosting a three-hour radio show on WDAV in Davidson, N.C. “It’s the kind of music I listen to off the stage,” Burge says of his selections.

Tom Burge isn’t like WDAV’s other announcers. They make their livings this way; he has a day job, and night job, playing in the Charlotte Symphony. The other hosts are radio veterans; Burge never had a show until WDAV handed him this one last summer.

I think it would be kind of a kick to have a radio show. (Except I’m better at blogging than talking. Hmm.) And since so many musicians now need to start thinking about other ways of making income, this would be one that would be rather fun, I think.

You can read more about this guy here.

Meanwhile, some musicians in Columbus Symphony are also finding different ways to survive. (I always wonder how they can collect unemployment though … if they are teaching during those off weeks they can’t collect anything, right?)

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