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Something many musicians do think about is damage to our fingers. I am SO sorry to read about this:

Pamela and Bill Resch thought a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride through downtown Los Gatos would be the perfect way to celebrate the holidays and their upcoming 42nd wedding anniversary.
When another couple was late for the ride, the Resches took the opportunity to pose for pictures with the horses. Pamela Resch, an accomplished concert pianist, said she didn’t panic at first when a horse named Tom started nibbling on her finger after she pet him on the head.
“I looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘Let go,”’ she said. “He started to chew.”
In the next few frantic moments, the couple said, the horse bit off the tip of her right pinky finger — sending Resch into shock and leaving in doubt whether she’d ever command the piano again.
“I saw a little piece of meat and a red thing hanging off, and my next thought was ‘my life is over,”’ Resch, 63, said Tuesday of the Dec. 21. ordeal.
In the chaos that followed, someone found the fingertip and gave it to Bill Resch in a cup of ice, he said. A plastic surgeon re-attached the tip that night and everyone is hoping for the best.
“I heard ‘let go, let go,”’ Bill Resch said. Then, “she was holding her hand up and somebody was saying, ‘Where’s the finger, where’s the finger?'”


I know Pam and her husband Bill. This is just such awful news. I do pray that the finger heals properly. This is scary.

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