The question is: How many people will show up and pay their $22.00 just to watch a symphony orchestra — dressed in their stuffy concert attire — play a concert?

I read it on an NPR music blog.


  1. patti with an i

    OK, so the tone is a little silly and snarky. But let’s be fair and clarify that the question relates to whether folks are going to show up to see the movie-theater presentation of an LA Phil concert, not a live performance.

    I can think of plenty of reasons people might not go. Theater sound isn’t anything like live sound. I’ve gone to the Met broadcasts on a few occasions, but opera has visuals that lend themselves to the movie theater setting. I rarely watch orchestra concerts on TV these days, even considering that there are so few to watch at all, unless it’s because I want to see a particular piece or performer.

    So on balance, I think it’s a less ridiculous thing to say than it appeared at first.

  2. I wouldn’t mind the question if the “stuffy concert attire” had been left off. It’s certainly a legit question. But I’m so weary of the “snobby, stuffy” stuff. Give me a break!

    (AND … as if NPR doesn’t sometime appear that way as well.)

    Would I (will I?) go to hear this concert. Hmm. Doubtful … but mostly because I usually can’t spare the time … or the dime … 😉

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