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WITH a slight blue glow bathing their faces, the four musicians tapped their feet. It was not to keep time but to send pages of music flying by electronically on their stands.

The Borromeo String Quartet was rehearsing Beethoven’s Quartet in C (Op. 59, No. 3) last week. But instead of reading parts perched on music stands, they followed Beethoven’s notes, in his own handwriting, from the screens of MacBooks. A projector attached to a laptop beamed the manuscript onto a screen behind them.

“It’s an incredible experience, watching the handwriting of Beethoven as it passes by you,” said Nicholas Kitchen, the group’s first violinist.


… of course sometimes it’s nearly impossible to read a composer’s scrawl, so there might be issues there. But I love this idea, even while I worry about computer’s freezing up on a person.

Here are a few videos for you:

It does look as if the second violinist is using hard copy music here:

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  1. I have a comment you might not hear from very many people: in the first video up there of Beethoven op. 135, the video on the screen behind the musicians really, REALLY doesn’t sound like the music!

    Auditory synesthesia FTW!