10. February 2011 · 4 comments · Categories: FBQD

about to blow a fuse courtesy of the dmv. on a side note – i just listened to the worst on hold music ever. it was like “now that’s what i call oboe 11”


  1. Interesting coincidence — I just read this article on NPR’s website today!


  2. … and I didn’t fully understand the Facebook quote until I read that article. I puzzled over the “oboe 11” thing … thinking maybe there was something I was missing (& I was). Thanks, Andy!

  3. I’m glad to help out! I didn’t even know that you were “missing” anything.

  4. Oh I’m missing SOOOO much! 😎 I’m always happy to be helped out. (Hmm. Wanna start sending me reeds, too?!)

    Love your photo at your site, btw!