The dozens of instruments and musical compositions that distinguished the Honolulu Symphony’s 110-year history may be sold to the highest bidder, a result of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation the Hawaiian symphony orchestra launched.

The auction, which remains subject to bankruptcy court approval, would be conducted in Honolulu on March 17 and open to bidders around the world thanks to a live webcast.

According to David Barkoff of auction house Heritage Global Partners, which the trustee overseeing Honolulu Symphony’s liquidation is seeking court permission to hire, the sale represents a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” in light of the organization’s status as the oldest U.S. symphony orchestra west of the Rocky Mountains.

“Our goal is to secure a bulk buyer to sustain this legacy, as we want nothing more than to keep the arts alive,” Barkoff, Heritage’s director of sales, said in a statement Thursday.

If a bulk buyer doesn’t emerge, then the assets will be sold to individual buyers.

I read it here. The auction information is here.

It looks like they are going to sell their music library. When San Jose Symphony (RIP) died the musicians of the orchestra (yes, that includes me) managed to purchase the library. Symphony Silicon Valley now uses our library. It’s such a valuable asset. I do wish the Honolulu folks could manage to save their music library. I wonder if they’ve thought about asking for donations to purchase that very valuable music. It seems as if they asked many of us would send donations to help them with this.

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  1. I was stationed in Honolulu in 1964 and played EH with the Honolulu Symphony for most of that year, including the inaugural concert of their new concert hall. Beethoven’s Consecration of the House overture and all.

    I remember that year well; I’m sorry to see them join the list of the fallen…