A Little Night Circus Music:


  1. AHA! The rackett, sometimes known as the ‘beer can bassoon’. I’ve never seen one used other than Renaissance music. And I have no idea what the cow’s horn flute is. But yes, definitely fun!

  2. Are you referring to the first instrument the woman is playing, Bob? I’m wondering if that’s an ocarina. They come in various forms. I got a kick out of this … I’ll have to find more! 🙂

  3. The man starts with a Baroque Rackett and switches to a sopranino recorder, then back. The woman starts on a gemshorn, switches to a bass recorder, then back.

  4. Ah-hah! So I was sort of right; I am reading that a gemshorn is in the ocarina family. 🙂

    (Thanks Daniel … and have we met? I don’t see a last name, so I’m unsure …?)