19. March 2011 · 4 comments · Categories: Quotes

If you take a violin, you can make it sound 50 different ways. Not just pizzicato and played by the bow, but ponticello, and harmonics, and tremolos. If you take an oboe and play it, there’s about one way you can make it sound: like an oboe.

-John Corigliano


  1. Obviously not an oboe player. And maybe he’s not listening carefully, either.

    Oh well, I never liked his music anyway…

  2. Yeah, I was rather surprised by the quote. So never mind Mr. JC, eh?! 😉

  3. Don’t be so defensive, oboists. He’s fundamentally correct, even if a bit exaggerated. And yes, I know it’s possible to produce some unusual effects on the oboe.

  4. I’m not being “so” defensive. I’m being exactly the right amount of offensive!