29. March 2011 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

Hey there … I added a plugin here that is supposed to be better for the iPad. I put it up. Took it off. Put it back up. And I’m guessing no one noticed because it’s 1:17 AM (Yikes! Why am I awake?!) here. But if you do use an iPad I want opinions. Do you prefer looking at the blog in traditional form, or do you like this plugin that allows you to do things the cool way an iPad user does? (I’m guessing this works for tablets other than the iPad too, right?) Would you rather it look like the “original” blog? (I wish we could at least choose the color scheme, to be honest.) Fill me in if you get a moment. Thanks!

To the rest of you … well … carry on. Breathe. Do stuff. And just ignore this particular post. 😉

Hmmm … is the plugin even working now? I reactivated it, but I’m sure not seeing it on my iPad. Odd.


  1. Just fyi, the “Previous Post” and “Next Post” buttons don’t work in this new interface, at least not with Chrome or Firefox under WinXP.

  2. The arrows aren’t the links … try clicking the words below. Does that work, Anna?