Some oboe players having fun! Take THAT, you crazy bassoonists.

See? We can be fun too.



  1. Warning: blatant (but possibly useful) plug to follow:

    Since this is THE premier oboe (in)site, I thought I would pass along the little known information on how to order a copy of one of the most fun/difficult oboe pieces, ever: Blues for D.D. (many versions – oboe & piano recommended). It’s only available two places in the world (not counting thieves): from Howarth’s of London and from the composer (i.e. me). Drop me a line if you’re interested. If you’ve never heard it (Hearing Diana Doherty herself is the ultimate experience), you might go to YouTube and look/listen to Simon Emes perform it.

  2. Oh I’m well aware of the fabulous D.D. … including that she is not only a great oboist but also drop dead gorgeous. Talk about making me feel inferior in every way! Ack!

    But Jeffrey, wouldn’t you prefer I posted your comment (which I’m guessing most won’t read) as a blog entry? I’d be happy to do that. 🙂

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