Growing up, classical music was a large part of my life. It just wasn’t a particularly pleasant one.

To me, it meant Saturday afternoon chores: there was always some Brahms or Schubert to accompany the long hours of scrubbing orange scum off the toilet or sweeping the kitchen. The only genre I hated worse was Cajun and Zydeco, which my dad always played when it came time for my monthly assigned room-cleaning.

Later, as I began developing my own tastes, classical music went by the wayside completely. Symphonies and sonatas make for fine dinner-table music, I decided, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the extra brain cells the Mozart shot into my pink ears during my fetal days might have afforded me. But I’ll stick to me rock n’ roll for the casual listening, thanks.

The above was written by a high school senior, Nathan Kitzmann. Please read the entire thing. I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

There is hope.


  1. Where can I read the whole thing? Don’t see a link – hmmm…my old eyes or your oldboe brain?

  2. Oooh … I forgot! Thanks … I’ll put the link there. :-)