I, once again, didn’t place in the #operaplot contest. Hmm. Third year. Third loss. Three strikes, I’m out? I wonder!

I must admit my heart wasn’t as into it this year. Maybe it was due to the odds of winning but I’m actually thinking it’s because I just wasn’t feeling the creativity bug. I can’t say why, but I’m in a slump when it comes to creativity. I’m sure you’ve even noticed my blog is sort of getting stale. (Hmmm. Is it time to hang it up? Oh dear ….)

Oooh … please don’t tell me the blog has always been stale. Then I just might cry! Um … kidding. Really. Sort of. Maybe. You decide. ;-)

But if you want to read the winners go here. (Warning: the f-bomb does occur. That, too, sort of tells me I’m probably not a good contestant for #operaplot. I like to do rhyming. I like puns. I can be silly. I just don’t like the racier stuff and I won’t swear. Man, I’m sounding — and feeling! — like an old fogey! Even writing “old fogey” means I’m … well … an old fogey!

“Fogey” is a very funny word if you write it or say it enough.

Hearty congratulations to the winners, and enjoy your prizes!

Me? I feel like a winner every time I find myself in the pit playing for opera. And that’s prize enough for me! :-)


  1. Well, there are still some categories that haven’t been announced. There’s still hope…

    I didn’t play this year. I wasn’t feeling it, either, but unlike you I didn’t even make an effort.

  2. I suspect this’ll be my last year to even give it a go, Mike. I just don’t have the winning tweet in me, and I fear I’ll just repeat myself (or, as happened this time, tweet one that is nearly a copy of what someone else did last year! I didn’t even know I’d done it. Ack!).

    Anyhoo, I’m not counting on those other categories. I’m sure an Anna Nicole Smith tweet’ll win contemporary opera, and I didn’t do any pop culture reference (but I did love the Kanye one!).