Concert Announcement:

Wednesday, April 27, 8:00 PM

WindSync: Wind Surfin’ USA

WindSync, a Houston-based woodwind quintet, presents a program of their own unique style of dramatic and interactive chamber music, as well as insight into traditional and non-traditional approaches to composition for the ensemble. In this lecture / recital, WindSync will teach all of the rules, and then show how to break them. Highlights will include works by Beethoven, Berio, Maslanka, and Bernstein.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing the WindSync on YouTube, and this concert, according to the Stanford site, is free! How ’bout that?! Now I just have to locate Campbell Recital Hall on Wednesday evening!

(You’d never catch me trying to move around and play oboe. I’m too klutzy for that sort of thing!)

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  1. WindSync is going to be fabulous! Campbell Recital Hall is the hall in the other wing of Braun Hall, just inside the main entrance to that wing…

    See you there!