03. May 2011 · 3 comments · Categories: Opera

I’ve had seven rehearsals and, at this point, five performances of the opera. We have four more to go. Normally we do a total of eight performances, but for this opera we have one extra, this Friday night. I believe the evening was purchased (by Mercury News?) and tickets are being given out to those who might not normally be able to afford this event.

I don’t grow weary of La bohème for the most part, but I’ve been low on energy. I’m fairly sure my iron level has sunk again, so back on iron I go, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be back to my normal, whiny but chipper self soon!

Meanwhile … here are a few pages of my part, just showing some of the keys and interesting things I play. Nothing is really difficult any longer, as long as my brain is functioning, but I do occasionally have to recheck the key, since some solos return in a variety of keys! The “biggest” solo? Four bars (which I wrote about earlier) of a whole lotta nothin’ … but entirely oboe. All alone. No singing. No one else playing.

(Last entrance, bottom of page):

Here’s a solo that likes to appear in different keys (see top of first page & rehearsal 27 on the next):

And then there are these two pages of extremely fun keys!

And what fun it all is … next performance is tonight!


  1. So glad I finally got to perform this (last year) – beautiful piece of music! And the oboe has surprisingly little exposed stuff, except the big solo you mentioned! Don’t want to have water in the c key for that.

  2. Yeah, it’s the least stressful Puccini, I do believe! SO glad to have it be our final opera of the year! :-)

  3. “…extremely fun keys…” But isn’t that why we practice scales?

    Jean-Louis used to say to me, “Discipline will set you free.”

    It’s a great opera. I love it!