You tell me! ;-)

(I’d post it here but of course that’s copyright infringement, so just click on the link, please.)

PS I actually got a kick out of it, and Dan loved it. Just so you know. Heck, and attention we EH folks get is fine by me.

Well … nearly any attention, anyway.


  1. Rather Kafka-esque…. don’t you think?

  2. EWWW! That is not what I want to think about when I think english horn!

  3. I just think it’s majorly bizarre. But what do I know?!

  4. Too bad they chose a roach over a hornet. Then it could be titled English Hornet. =)

  5. I thought it’s still illegal to take LSD in this country. Right?

  6. I don’t have a clue, Brandon!

  7. Oh funny you, Janet!

    (My colleagues certainly enjoyed the picture though!)

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