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Sandra Bengochea awoke every morning and went to sleep each night listening to her mother singing the old songs of Mexico. Watering the plants, cleaning their Modesto home, Raquel Rubalcava sang.

But the petite girl who would become a diva with Opera San Jose, who would be reviewed as having a “lustrous voice and vivacious sophistication” in her performance as Musetta in “La Bohème” last month, never joined in. Even when her father brought out his guitar and her mother would harmonize with friends from church, Sandra kept mum.

“I was always a shy girl,” said Sandra, 38. “I remember she was the loudest one in church. I would be so embarrassed, but secretly I was saying to myself, ‘Oh my God, that’s so pretty.’ ”

Sandra was in high school when she joined the choir, and then only because her best friend pulled her along. She began singing in her bedroom, with her door closed.

“She never said anything about it,” Sandra said of her mother. “She wanted me to find my way.”


It appears she did find her way! :-)

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