I’m home from the second of three concerts for Symphony Silicon Valley for this set. During Jon Nakamatsu‘s encore (he’s incredibly, by the way!) I heard this rumble and felt something. Looking over at the principal flutist we both mouthed “earthquake”. I assumed that’s what it was, but I’m not seeing any news about it and no one tweeted it. I’m assuming it was something else, then. But it was very weird.

By the way, our two soloists, Jon Nakamatsu and Jon Manasse are absolutely incredible. Really and truly.

After the Stravinsky tonight no one applauded. The conductor turned around and kind of gestured like “Yep, that’s it folks.” Then there was just a spattering of applause and again silence.

We have trained audiences to fear applauding at the wrong time so well they are now scared to applaud at all! I find this very sad.


Our principal bassist writes this: “The pit part of the stage apparently dropped slightly.” Ah-hah!

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  1. The comment on applause is something that rends my heart. Alas.