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How to season an oboe reed?
My new oboe reed is quite raw and hard to blow through, any ways to make it seasoned and easier to blow through and vibrate it?

And the answer someone supplied?:

I have been playing the oboe for four years, and what helps me a lot is let it soak A LOT in you mouth before you play. When you start playing, make sure that there’s not a lot of spit still stuck in the reed. Another helpful thing might be to LIGHTLY bite down on your reed with you front teeth before you play. It will help the two reeds be closer together which will make the sound a lot clearer and not as annoyingly loud. I really hopes this helps you.

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  1. Hm… How to season a reed. I prefer to use salt and pepper, with a dash of red wine vinegar and some freshly pressed garlic.

  2. Ooh … it’s the garlic! That’s the ticket!

  3. You will get a “sweeter” sound with Balsamic vinegar.