17. May 2011 · Comments Off · Categories: Conductors, Videos

This is a video of a man conducting an orchestra for the first time. It’s a fun watch.

He writes about it here. That article begins:

I can’t keep my eyes off the orchestra’s feet.

With their hands full of flutes, violins, violas, oboes, mallets and trombones, the 60-plus symphony members are left with their feet to keep time.

It’s a tangle of tapping sandals, hiking boots and Converse All-Stars. One woman taps with the front of her red satin flats, a man across the stage uses the heel of his wing-tips. A few in flip-flops tap with just their big toes, and a violinist in the throes of a finale arches her feet like a ballerina.

Well, if they are all tapping they have a nice additional rhythm section there, eh? ;-)

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