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As a lifelong musician, I know the value, indeed the necessity of mutual respect among musicians who may differ in race, religion, politics, etc., in order to achieve the best possible musical result. In two of the orchestras in which I’ve been involved (New York Philharmonic and Los Angeles Symphony), the first oboe and first flute players hated each other until their retirement. Yet they made beautiful music together for over 25 years.

Joseph Eger

I read it here.

So do you hornists out there know Mr. Eger? I didn’t, but googling led me here so now I know about him.

I don’t, however, know who he is referring to when it comes to the oboists and flutists!

But yes, we don’t always get along with our colleagues. But we work together and, if we are doing things as we should, no one in the audience should have a clue that we don’t always get along.

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