28. May 2011 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

Well, I’m home, and enjoying a piece of cherry pie. The concert is over, and I guess I have to put my part to Oblivion away. I’ll miss it … what a fun work to play!

I was absolutely thrilled to see some friends in the audience. It makes playing even more fun when I know people listening. Thank you ALL for coming!

Here’s a few photos, including one of a very special young oboist … hi Daniel! Do you want to get the music to Oblivion now?!


  1. Daniel V. Gurevich

    The concert was awesome! Great selection of pieces. Patty, you were awesome! I wish my tone would be as good as yours, but that will never happen. And yes, sure I would like the notes for Oblivion. It is such a prettyful piece. Keep me posted on concerts.

  2. Oh never say never, Daniel! You haven’t been playing all that long. Think about it … I’ve been doing this for over forty years! (Wow, that’s scary … that means I can’t tell anyone I’m 39. Ack!)

    I will continue to keep you posted. I wish I had more coming up soon, but we sort of follow the school year so I’m done for a while, aside from a symphony concert where I play VERY little and you’d never even hear me!