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In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve had a schedule going on the blog. The schedule, which I had both on a “sticky note” on my MacBook as well as on my calendar (really, I’m that nuts) has looked like this:

TQOD 8:00 M-Sa
FBQD 12:00 M-Sa
Outside 14:00 Mondays
WorldReeds™ 10:00 Wednesdays
NewToMyEars™ 14:00 Thursdays
BachTrac™; 10:00 Fridays
Saturday Morning Cartoon! 9:00
Sunday Morning Music 8:00
Sunday @ Noon 12:00
Sunday Evening Music 18:00

I can’t imagine quitting things entirely, and the QODs and Sunday music will, I hope, remain, but I’m spending far too much time trying to keep up with everything, so while they will appear on occasion (and everything that’s already been scheduled will be coming up for the next few weeks), I’m thinking about stepping away from the rigid schedule and allow things to be a little bit more relaxed.

Gee, that was a long sentence. But hey, this is a pattyramble™ and I haven’t had one of those for quite some time.

So much of what I’ve been doing is really a reflection on who I am. Yes, I admit that I’m a bit obsessive compulsive, a follower of rules and regulations, and someone who doesn’t know when to stop — especially someone who doesn’t know when to “step away from the computer and no one will get hurt!”. So now I’m going to attempt — not guaranteeing I’ll succeed and knowing it’s going to be difficult for me — to lighten up on the blog. We’ll see how well I do!

At the same time, I’d like to move back into more of my little rambles about the music life. I’d like to be better about real writing rather than the “borrowing” I’ve been doing by posting so much unoriginal stuff.

Again, we’ll just have to wait and see how I do on this! Especially since I wrote this particular blog entry last week and then thought, “Oh gee, do I really want to let that schedule go? And, even more to the poing, can I?!

Meanwhile, if you have any things you’d like me to write about, do let me know!

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