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… are a pain.

I’m sure somewhere in here we are hearing “Clarinet reeds are a piece of cake. Bassoon reeds are big so they are easy. Oboe reeds are the most difficult thing in the world to make and all oboists deserve medals.”

(I had to plug my ears a few times, due to the ballet music that was being played. Well, okay, maybe I’m kidding!)

The oboe reeds aren’t the scrape we use here, as you’ll see toward the end.

… and the word I understood immediately? “Pazienza”! Something I never seem to have.

And here is the Magic Flute work that you heard a bit of in the video above:

Here’s the Sinfonia Concertante (the way I like it, with the oboe playing the top part rather than flute):





  1. Ma, puo fare una ancia di oboe? (Infatti, si!)

  2. Well, I understand PART of that, but not all. Translation, per favore?! 🙂

  3. Certo! “But, can he make an oboe reed? (In fact, yes!)”

  4. Oh PERFECT! I’m going to remember that one … sounds even better in Italian! 🙂