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It begins:

ViolaGate! Mini-riot erupts during piece for viola and electronics

Well, perhaps not rioting, but there was some pretty spirited heckling during JHNO’s performance at last night’s Longer Burning concert at The Royce Gallery presented by Pamela Z. Details are sketchy, but apparently in the middle of a rather loudly amplified piece, two audience members started complaining about the music even more loudly. One started applauding ironically in an effort to get him to stop playing, the other was less subtle and just yelled out “stop”. One audience member in attendance claims that the hecklers went as far to shout “This is a DESECRATION! I am a REAL violist and I can tell you THIS IS NOT MUSIC!”

Read the whole thing and then be sure and read all the comments as well, as all involved have their say.

I wasn’t there. I can’t speak a word about what happened. I can tell you I can’t handle certain amplification; it hurts my ears — especially the damaged one — more than anyone with two good ears can possibly imagine. Warnings should always be given, as should earplugs if there is a possibility of hearing damage. But no, I’d never yell. Not in my nature! And my discomfort doesn’t mean I get to ruin things for others.

(It’s also rather doubtful that I would have attended the concert in the first place; I’m sorry, but it’s just not my cuppa. I suspect it would fall under my MusicTomato™ description.)

It does bring back the John Cage memory, though. He was conducting San Jose Symphony (RIP) and boy did the audience get upset. He didn’t throw anything down in frustration, though. He enjoyed ever minute of it! To him, the reaction was probably just another part of the piece.

Ahhh, memories!

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