09. June 2011 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

Yep, I do. Not as much as some, but I’m not like a stiff board (which I find bores one stiff … tee hee). When I solo in front of an orchestra I move more. When I’m playing second I move less (I attempt to, for the most part, move less than the principal, so as not to draw attention to my second oboe playing). When I played the Piazzolla a few weeks back Dan took photos. One, which I hadn’t put up before, shows me in “dip mode”. I thought of it after watching the solo oboist in the video I posted earlier today take a “dip”. So while the photos below aren’t all that interesting, it is worth seeing so you see that. (Sadly only a photo, not a video, which would be clearer obviously!) If you were there you saw me … were you surprised (hint, hint … Dan? Daniel!? Vladimir? Ben?) by the movement. Did it seem too much? Too little? I’d be curious to hear!

First … no dip (but stupid hair in the face … I usually wear a headband or clip it back. Oops!)

And then “the dip” …

By the way, you might notice that the audience isn’t really looking at me. There were tango dancers to the audience’s right. This was a surprise to me — I still don’t even know if the conductor knew they were going to dance! I was fine with it (Dan didn’t care for it, as he thought it a distraction), but I would have liked to have been told. And if they weren’t requested by the conductor I do think it was inappropriate to dance without asking. They certainly weren’t at either rehearsal. So what think ye about that? Should a soloist be informed about things like this? In this day of “we need to change things up” are we moving also toward this freedom? I don’t even know where I stand on it, other than thinking it really would have been nice to be informed … I was so surprised I even forgot to acknowledge them at the end, and felt a bit like the idiot after I left the stage. I can tell you, though, that it didn’t distract me when performing in the least. I actually was even able to watch them a few times.


  1. Moving some is ok. Bobbing in time to the music is not!! LOL Sometimes I play with a “Bobber” on second and it is so distracting. Things are always late, there are scoops in the sound, and it is just lame. This is a fairly good oboist too- no excuse!

  2. Oh I agree. I hate the bobbing thing. I’ve not had anyone do that in my professional world, thankfully, but my students do it and I always talk to them about it.