11. June 2011 · Comments Off · Categories: Videos

Okay, what happens when you get 10 or 11 people together to play oboe? You get, as the title of this video says, “OBOE MADNESS”!

You might start to understand the connection to bagpipe when you hear Amazing Grace.

This really made me smile. I just love “young” oboists — no matter the age! There’s something about the wild, uncontrolled sound. I know we all strive to perfection and that includes control, but this is so wild and free! (And they look like they are having a blast, too.) The info on the video says these players are music educators. My guess is that they all got together for a bit of oboe instruction. I appreciate that greatly, as I think music educators who take an oboe lesson or two understand it a wee bit better. It also says they are playing for Becky Secor. I haven’t met her, but she is an oboist … perhaps their instructor for the day?

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