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Read Online:

If you have ever had an interest in the symphony, but were embarrassed to ask your pretentious friends about it, this app is for you.

Of course once you purchase the app and know all about it you will then be pretentious. Because that’s what happens to anyone who knows about the symphony.


(The app can be found here, but if they had the “pretentious” line there it’s been removed.)


I downloaded the app. It’s not perfect … have to hold the iPad vertically, for one thing. Reading an oboist Michael Pisani’s “meet the musicans” page, they list his “Key Repertoire” as:

Richard Strauss – Oboe concerto Mozart Oboe Concerto Benjamin Britten – Six Matamorphoses

Yep. Listed exactly as I typed it above. I wonder if a musician was asked to proof this stuff? I’m going to guess they have some corrections to make.

I’ll be investigating the app more before I remove it. (Somehow I doubt I really need to learn about the orchestra, but it IS fun to read about the various players they’ve listed. (They currently don’t have many, but I’m guessing they’ll add more eventually.)

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